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Our Clients

A one trick pony, Adella PR is not! Our experience is varied and we can turn our hand, and our expertise, to help clients in any industry. Our list of very happy clients includes a Michelin Star restaurant, hotels, gastropubs, franchise groups, recruitment consultants, art galleries and museums, breweries, spas, hairdressing and beauty salons.

Carolyn Maxey, Adventure Point, Darlington.

"Adella PR has been helping Adventure Point with press releases over the last few months. They have written thoughtful and accurate pieces and made sure our stories have appeared in the right publications. We have benefited from increased publicity with their help.”

Marcus Bennett, The Bay Horse, Hurworth.

“We’ve enjoyed loads of press coverage in recent months thanks to Adella PR, and they’ve also secured us a monthly column in the local daily paper and a regular slot on local radio, which keeps us ever present in existing and potential clients’ minds.”

Wilson Derbyshire, Saks.

 "We have won national awards for our marketing and PR, which we couldn't have done without Adella PR's help."



Janet King, Saks HQ.

"Adella PR offers a slick, efficient PR service and helps generate hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of press coverage for Saks in the trade, consumer, national and international press every month. They have the professionalism and contacts of a London agency, but without the price tag.”

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